What makes me grumpy?

I’ll tell you what makes me grumpy: lots and lots of things!

David Renwick’s character Victor Meldrew, created for the BBC’s “One Foot in the Grave” and played by Richard Wilson, is an absolute pussy cat compared to me at times.

The problem is, with so many things getting on my man boobs, it’s impossible to prioritise effectively, so my posts won’t necessarily be “most important first”, especially as I have a backlog of things that annoyed me whilst largely confined to a chair for months on end whilst waiting for a back operation. During that period, I watched an awful lot of TV that I wouldn’t necessarily have watched had I been able to get “out and about” more. Lots of my comments are therefore going to be about TV programmes, even though TV isn’t that important in our everyday lives.

Ordinarily, the thing I would most watch on TV would be sport. Rugby Union is my first love, but I enjoy most sports. As a follower of England Rugby since the 60s, I’ve had my share of ups and downs. Speaking of “ups and downs”, I’ve been a fan of Man City since just before the “Revie Plan” of the early 50s (when as a pre-teen, I chose teams to follow in the sports I most liked), so I’m really used to disappointment, although the successes in recent years (thanks to all the money invested by the Abu Dhabi United Group and Sheikh Mansour) are starting to make up for that, although the historical tendency to inconsistency seems to be back in recent (Oct-Nov 2014) times.

Having wandered somewhat off topic (what makes me grumpy), I’ll close this entry, having pretty much decided that my next post will be about BBC bias … in sport.

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