We’re all in it together – NOT!

I’ve mentioned the Barnett formula before and it really gets on my wick. Even the person who ‘invented’ it agrees that it is no longer fair or relevant, but no-one seems prepared to do anything about it.

In case you don’t know what it is, it is something dreamed up in the 70s to ‘balance’ government spending throughout the United Kingdom.

Personally, I think that as we are all citizens of the UK, we should be treated equally regardless of which bit of the UK we happen to live in. There are many things wrong with the way we are treated in different areas, but for this note, I’ll concentrate on the Barnett formula.

Any ‘balance’ there might have been was knocked completely out of kilter by the bribes promised to Scotland leading up to the recent referendum. The powers and money previously devolved to Wales and Scotland were totally wrong IMHO, and the Barnett was perhaps the biggest problem of all.

Based on the latest available population figures, the extra amount [compared to England] spent by the government in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is a staggering £16 Billion! This amount is broken down as follows:


Scotland                            £8.6 billion

Northern Ireland         £4.3 billion

Wales                                 £3.6 billion

Is that fair? NO! Is it justified? NO! Are we all in it together? NO!

The sooner England gets fair treatment within the UK, the better!

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