They’re at it again! (Politicians, of course)

Today, on BBC TV news, we had another instance of politicians making up policies for their opponents, instead of just telling us what they themselves propose.


I’ve commented before that politicians shouldn’t be allowed to make unchallenged statements about what their opponents are planning; how would they know? They should stick to their own policies and stop making up scare stories.


Today’s news clip showed David Cameron pledging to raise the inheritance tax threshold for properties up to £1 million, specifically saying it would be limited to that figure. This was immediately followed by Harriet Harman saying that the Tories wanted to give tax relief to owners of properties valued at up to £2 million. How does she know? Answer: she doesn’t; she just made it up, exactly like Brown, Balls, etc. did when he was ruining our economy when they were last in power.

I don’t recall who was in the equivalent Lib Dem clip, or what was said; after all the broken promises, reneging on agreements, etc. during this parliament, I wouldn’t waste my time listening to them.


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