Political Prostitutes

I’ve never used the services of a prostitute of either sex, but understand that they use a variety of things, from make-up to clothing, to make themselves more attractive to potential customers.

Since the UK General Election, the Labour party, aided and abetted by their mouthpiece the BBC, have dominated the news with analysis of why they, to their immense surprise, lost so badly, who will be their next leader, and how they can make themselves more electable. It is the last point that reminds me of prostitutes.

It is said that one of the reasons Milliband lost was because he had abandoned ‘Blairite’ policies and moved to the left. It is interesting to note that many members of the Shadow Cabinet and Labour hierarchy are now telling us that they never really agreed with the policies being promoted by them just a couple of weeks or so ago! As an aside, it was said that Ed Milliband stabbed his brother in the back during the previous leadership election. Poor Ed now seems to be getting stabbed from every direction by his former Shadow Cabinet members.

To return to my main point, senior members of the Labour Party are returning to the ways of Tony Blair; they seem to be prepared to say anything that will get them elected.

I used to think that political parties had principles, long-term objectives and firm policies. That certainly isn’t true of ‘New Labour’ or ‘Milliband Labour’ or the current leadership candidates. They clearly aren’t thinking of what is best for the country, as illustrated by previously-mentioned about turns after defeat; all they really want is power, and cf Tony Blair, the wealth that they can achieve from that.

I’m not a fan of trade unions. However, it seems to me that Len McCluskey has more honour than the whole Labour Party hierarchy put together. I think his ideas would ruin this country if implemented, but at least he sticks to his principles.


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