Political Poppycock

As we move to wards to the General Election in the UK, we will be increasingly bombarded by promises of what this, that or the other political party will do to improve our lives.

At present, we seem to be in a “scare” phase, with a number of politicians (Labour seem to be the worst offenders) telling us of the dire consequences of electing their opponents.

Why do our media allow them to get away with it? They should refuse to print or broadcast statements such as the Labour ones about what the Conservatives are “planning” to do (and vice versa) unless they have clear evidence that this is the case. Our media should instead insist that THEY tell us what THEY are planning to do, and how THEY would finance it, not some scaremongering garbage dreamed up (i.e. fabricated, i.e. UNTRUE) about what their opponents “plan” to do!

If untruths, half-truths and downright lies were posted on “social media” about an individual or organisation, there would be an uproar about it, so why are politicians allowed to get away with it?

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