Overseas Aid/Julian Assinge

It really staggers me that, with all the shortfalls at home in the budgets of essential services, our politicians still insist on spending billions on overseas aid, including to countries who demonstrably don’t need it, others where it seems the money only lines the pockets of corrupt officials, and yet more where the beneficiary projects are so far removed from normal life that I sometimes wonder if they are factual or made up as a joke.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, I now read that the Metropolitan Police say that it has cost an extra £10 million to “police” the Ecuadorian Embassy since Julian Assinge took up residence there. I see no reason whatsoever for us having to spend anything to protect Mr Assinge. As far as I know, he is Australian and has no connection with Ecuador. However, if the additional expense is deemed essential, given that both Ecuador and Mr Assinge’s home country are “overseas”, why don’t we take the £10 million (and any further necessary expenditure) out of the Overseas Aid budget, especially as I now read they are “struggling” to spend this year’s budget?

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