Care Home versus Home Care? Ask British Gas!

I think we are all sure what a “Care Home” is, aren’t we?

I think it’s a home where people (usually older, frailer ones) are cared for, and is run by a charity or a commercial organisation.

So what is “Home Care”?

I must admit I’d never really thought about it before, but a recent event made me do so. So, my answer to my question is it’s something (or someone) involved in taking care of your home. Seems pretty reasonable to me; what do you think?

Well, it turns out I’m completely wrong, at least according to British Gas!

We are in the process of selling our house (it’s sold “Subject to Contract”). Our contract with British Gas to service and repair our Boiler and Central Heating expires shortly and I’ve received a renewal notice.

As we hope to be moving out soon, I checked with British Gas whether I could renew and then transfer the contract to the new owners of our house (intending to ask them if they would pay part of the contract pro rata).

“Not possible”, say British Gas.

Now, I thought the contract was all about the boiler and central heating (which, by the way, we are NOT taking with us when we move), but it appears it isn’t; it’s about us!

Apparently I can renew the contract and then transfer it to our new home when we move in (assuming of course it has gas central heating). I didn’t bother to ask what would happen if we didn’t have gas central heating, afraid the answer would be even more nonsensical.

So now you know: a British Gas Service Contract for a Boiler and Central Heating is not about the equipment, as you might have thought, it’s about the people!

My wife and I are both getting a bit frail, so I might contact British Gas again to check on how we stand for getting the contracted care when it becomes necessary. I hope they have a nice Home Care Care Home near where we are now so our friends and family can come to visit us.

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