BT Customer (Dis)service – the DPA strikes again!

What a joke BT so-called “customer service” is! (But you knew that anyway.)

I’ve just logged on to the BT website to check when my current contract expires. Surprise, surprise; I can’t find the information! I suspect BT hide it so that when your contract expires, they just carry on as if nothing had happened hoping you won’t notice and thus not think of comparing with other potential suppliers.

I therefore needed to contact BT to find out the date, and didn’t want to go through their useless, long-winded “telephone tree”, that in common with all such other systems never has an option that actually fits what you want to ask!

Just like the “telephone tree”, the website tries to prevent you from sending an email or starting a chat, with offers of multiple layers and options; none of which even remotely came near my question. When I finally entered the “chat”, I got a message saying someone would be with me in approximately “00:14” and that the average customer had to wait “00:42”. Many years ago, my grammar school headmaster (and maths teacher) would have gone wild with such information: give him a numeric answer without specifying the units and he would say “Bananas? Bananas, boy?”

I assumed the BT units weren’t bananas, but what were they? Minutes and seconds, or hours and minutes? Whilst I was pondering this, the “00:14” message was replaced by one saying someone would be with me “soon”. This turned out to be four minutes; not bad really.

By now I had three questions. The answer to the first was “It’s minutes and seconds.”

My original two questions were when my contract expired and why I couldn’t see this after logging onto the BT website. The answers were a date in December and “because of the Data Protection Act”.

As an aside, which is the most misused act: the Data Protection Act or the Human Rights Act?

I told my chat contact that this was rubbish (very polite of me, I thought) as other companies do show such information (e.g. mobile phone/network suppliers), so why not BT?

He said he would pass on my comments, but even if he does, BT won’t do anything about it, will they?

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