BBC Bias in Sport – again!

Having been on holiday, I haven’t had the chance to add a new post for a while, and it wasn’t my intention to return to this subject again so soon. However, the BBC can’t help itself it seems, so I have had to make another complaint.

I have posted the following, and will post here whatever ‘response’ I receive:

As I complained on a previous occasion, there is a distinct pro-Welsh bias in Rugby news on Ceefax. The problem continues …

During the last seven days, there has been a lot of rugby news. On the day it was announced, the top story [i.e. top of the ‘Headlines’ page] was that Halfpenny was replacing Williams in the Welsh team. It remained as the top story for at least two days, even when the announcement of the England team followed some 24 hours later. The England story was put in second place, even though it was more recent than the Halfpenny/Williams story.

The bias continued on Saturday. The ‘Welsh hearts broken by All Blacks’ appeared shortly after that match was completed. When the England/Samoa match was played later in the day, it was not put at the top [which it should have been as the latest news, as is done on other pages], but again put second to the Welsh story.

Furthermore, the Welsh story was the top item in the ‘Sports Headlines’ on page 301 for more than a day, whereas the England story only made the second page on 301.

When I complained previously, the non-response was that my complaint had been shown to the appropriate people. That is not an answer! I would like to hear an EXPLANATION of why this bias happens and still continues to happen.

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