Muppet Milliband & TV Debates

Has Ed Milliband finally lost the plot [or did that happen long ago?]?

The latest nonsense he’s come up with is that the ‘TV Debates’ should be enshrined in law! I have an alternative proposal: Let’s have a law that BANS such debates at any time!!!

It is said that politics in the UK is confrontational by nature because of the two party system. [Note to Lib Dem lovers: don’t try to argue that it is now a three-party system; if the voters have any sense after your dire, destructive performance in the current coalition, your party will be wiped out from parliament on May 7th.]

Prime Minister’s Questions is a bear-baiting farce which does nothing for the reputation, and even less for the good governance, of this country. TV Debates would just be an extension of  PMQs, with even more confrontation and an embarrassing, d**k-swinging contest that will have little or nothing to do with the real issues that face us all.

What we want from our potential government is clear commitments to improving our lives, with clear explanations of how they would go about it. That could be achieved by truly unbiased representatives [thus ruling out the BBC] putting the same questions to each party in turn. Party representatives would have a limited time in which to answer, would not be allowed to talk down their opponents plans or even tell us what they think their opponents plans would produce. I realise that this would take quite an effort, as I would want all the plans costed out in macro terms [by the OBR?]. However, if the party leaders were kept busy doing that, it would at least keep them from spouting their nonsense at every ‘media opportunity’.

I would love to see viewing figures for Party Political Broadcasts but suspect they may be too low to measure.

Viewing figures for the last round of ‘TV Debates’ may have been somewhat better than PPBs. However, I suspect many of the viewers watched only  in anticipation of a ‘car crash’. I personally didn’t watch any of them and don’t plan to do so this time either.